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Best Coffee Shops In Krakow

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Dark and brooding subterranean coffee haunts rub shoulders with chic, stripped-down hipster dives and soothing Oriental tea rooms in Kraków, a town so brimming with cafés and places to drink that it’s been hailed as a rival to even Vienna on the coffee culture front. Here’s a selection of the best coffee shops in Krakow. […]

The Best Luxury Hotels In Krakow

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Poland’s second-largest city is one of the country’s oldest, and Krakow’s historic center is now a Unesco World Heritage Site. From soaring gothic arches in 14th-century churches to relics of Krakow’s troubled 20th century, this is a city where ages of history dance alongside the lively rhythms of modern life. Ascend Wawel Hill for the castle, […]

Best Restaurants In Krakow

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Eating out in Poland is a wonderful opportunity to sample Polish history, culture and heritage, as restaurants ranging from haute cuisine to medieval cellars. As Poles are very proud of their culinary tradition, dining in Krakow promises to be an unforgettable experience. Here are the best restaurants in Krakow to visit. Best Restaurants In Krakow Rzeznia […]

Amazing Things To Do In Krakow


Krakow is one of Europe’s best cities; a young and vibrant city with charming cobbled streets old town surrounded by a large urban green belt. Additionally, it has affordable, high-quality restaurants and accommodation! The old city was spared during WWII: However, one of the most inhumane places in European history named Auschwitz, is a must-visit […]