The Best Art Galleries in Pune

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Pune is known for a variety of aspects, including its weather, educational institutions, and nearby hill stations. However, few people discuss the city’s artistic possibilities. It isn’t true that Pune is devoid of noteworthy art galleries. Pune provides a lot of options for art aficionados, however you may have to explore a little harder. Depending on your preferences, there are both high-end art galleries and smaller, more off-the-beaten-path places. Visit the best art galleries in Pune below to be transported to a new universe.

The Best Art Galleries in Pune

Gyaan Adab

The Best Art Galleries in Pune |  Gyaan Adab

Gyaan Adab is one of Pune’s most well-known and well-known galleries. The gallery is noted for its elaborate poetry sessions and combined book readings, in addition to presenting frequent exhibitions and art exhibits of varied murals, paintings, and conceptual sculptures, among other things. You can also take painting, sculpting, and mask-making workshops here.

The Monalisa Kalagram

The Monalisa Kalagram is an artscapade (read: excursion) through the countries of traditional art and cultural traditions. The Dastakari Bazaar, an annual fair or market display, is the center’s most well-known event. This bazaar sells a wide range of textiles, art, and craft items from all across the country. In addition, the gallery hosts a number of films, art and photography exhibitions, art performances, contemporary and traditional dance forms, and other events.

Bliss Art Gallery

At this art gallery, you can see life through the eyes of an artist. The gallery is a small tiny place nestled in a Koregaon Park street, displaying largely modern work by local artists. It’s the ideal platform for up-and-coming artists who want to show off their work. It’s also worth a visit if you enjoy viewing lesser-known creative brains who are brilliant but take a long time to be recognized in the art world. The gallery is available to the public Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Monalisa Kalagram

A beautiful cottage in KP has been transformed into an art center. There’s a gallery here, as well as workshops, exhibits, and a variety of other art-related events. Here, all forms of arts are promoted: visual, textual, and performing. It frequently organizes events such as book readings, art exhibits, and documentary screenings. It’s also the place to go if you want to soak up some culture.

Darpan Art Gallery

Darpan Art Gallery
The Best Art Galleries in Pune

Darpan is a modest tiny room in Patrakar Nagar that exhibits local artwork and artists. Here you’ll find sketches, paintings, sculptures, visual arts, and more. The venue is plain and unremarkable in comparison to most other galleries, which is fantastic because it keeps the focus on the work on show. It’s also worth a visit if you enjoy viewing lesser-known creative brains who are brilliant but take a long time to be recognized in the art world. The gallery is available to the public Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Art2Day, which is located on Bhandarkar Institute Road, is one of Pune’s greatest and oldest private galleries committed to promoting fresh talent. The gallery provides a venue for emerging and established artists to exhibit their work alongside that of established artists. A vast quantity of exhibition space is available in the 200-square-foot hall. The gallery also conducts craft activities, painting and photography workshops, talks, audio-video shows, and training sessions in addition to art exhibitions. Visitors can also purchase presents as well as art and craft items.

Vida Heydari Contemporary

Vida Heydari Contemporary | The Best Art Galleries in Pune

In Koregaon Park, Vida Heydari Contemporary, or VHC, is an upscale art space for the city’s art and culture lovers. This stunning gallery cum restaurant is one of the city’s most elegant establishments. Every five weeks, the gallery changes its collection and welcomes five new artists. Everything here is unique and artsy, from woodwork ensembles to canvases, net paintings to masonry. There are even modern art events there. Visit their restaurant for delectable European cuisine.

Tilting Art Gallery

Tilting Art Gallery was established at the Ishanya Mall to inspire the country’s youth and young people to participate in and enjoy the arts. The gallery exhibits a wide range of art and paintings, including abstract, classical, devotional, and other genres. Last year, the Ishanya International Art Festival was held, which was a four-day event that brought together artists, art galleries, art buyers, and connoisseurs to share ideas and products.

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